Robotics Information



Welcome boys and girls to robotics at Wills Point Junior High! Here are some cool reasons to be a part of robotics.

Math– Although not always a student favorite, math is applied to the robot building when it comes to programming it. Geometry, particularly circle geometry is necessary to accurately get the robot to rotate the wheels the requested distance.

Robotics– Who doesn’t want to build a robot and take over the world? Or at least the LEGO world!

Mechanics– Part of the robot building has to do with putting the robot together with the technical pieces. How those fit together and work efficiently is a big part of the task.

Physics– Along with efficiency, you need a stable structure. We spend a lot of time learning about which designs are the most stable.

Fun– There is no shortage of fun when it comes to exploring with a LEGO Mindstorms kit.

You must always have parent permission to attend and transportation home at 5:00 PM. You are responsible for your robotic kit and you may have to work with a partner, so getting along with them is part of the process.  You are also responsible for any broken equipment if it broke due to horseplay or handling the equipment in the wrong way.  

We will meet on Tuesday’s afterschool until 5:00 PM unless otherwise notified.  Notifications will be through remind.